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    7 Brilliant Tips All College Kids Should Try This Week

    It's the ~finals~ countdown.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Get the best buyback prices on your textbooks with BookScouter.

    BookScouter / Via

    Plug in your book's ISBN number, and BookScouter will search more than 40 buyback sites to tell you which one will give you the most money for it (because tbh every campus bookstore is the worst BYE).

    2. Pack up your whole closet in seconds by putting clothes in trash bags while they're still on their hangers.

    @manda_gee / Via

    This also makes unpacking your closet the easiest thing ever.

    3. Let yourself have some fun with your notes. / Via

    You'll remember something that made you laugh way more than something that made you go zzzzzzz.

    4. Make your own healthy snacks to keep your energy up during late nights of studying.

    The library vending machine's got nothing on these healthy portable snack ideas.

    5. If you're graduating, here's how to make your forehead not look weird in your cap. / Via Twitter: @tipsforyoudaily

    Because the graduation day threehead is REAL.

    6. Here are a whole bunch of free résumé templates.

    Amy Dozier / Via

    Now go get that summer job.

    7. And because it's officially day drinking season, here's a recipe for the on-the-go cocktail you never knew you needed: CapriLa.

    Facebook: video.php

    Plus a whole bunch of other sneaky booze hacks.

    Congrats on (almost) making it to summer vacation!

    Disney / Via

    See ya next fall! 😘✌️

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