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    Guys, You Can Test Out All The New Urban Decay Lipsticks In A Free App

    It's like Tinder, but for lipstick.

    Anyone who's addicted to lipstick knows the struggle of buying the wrong shade.

    Now, Urban Decay is throwing that problem in the damn dumpster with the latest in makeup technology: You can try on all 100 (!!!) shades of their new lipstick line, Vice, via a new free app.

    You can categorize them by color family (like blue-based reds, yellow-based reds, fuchsias, nudes, corals, etc.) or by finish (mega matte, sheer, cream, metallized, etc.).

    It's basically like Tinder, but for lipstick.

    And it actually works amazingly well.

    Should I buy this lipstick Y/N???

    Plus it's a great way to try on funkier shades you might not normally consider buying.

    You will end up playing with it for an hour straight, trust.

    (Also, you can just use the app for some dank selfies and never buy a single lipstick. It's cool.)

    The future of lipstick is HERE.