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Grilled Cheese Tacos Exist And You Can Actually Make Them Yourself

I love you, tortillas, but you've been one-upped.

Tacos are a near-perfect food. So is grilled cheese. But what if — WHAT IF — the two came together to form one flawless team of deliciousness?

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Huh? How 'bout that?

Well, that dream is now a reality. Are you ready for GRILLED CHEESE TACOS?

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The mashup recipe was dreamed up by Dan Whalen, the food blogger behind The Food in My Beard.

And people are really into it.

"It tastes just how you would expect," Whalen said on his blog. "Like a grilled cheese and a taco had a baby."

Dan Whalen / Via

"I ate both of these and then I tried to go for a run and pretty much died on the sidewalk in Davis Square," he said.

You can make these babies at home.

Dan Whalen / Via

Check out the full recipe on The Food in My Beard, and follow Whalen on Snapchat by adding tFimB.

Grilled cheese tacos. It's a thing.

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