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The Adriana Lima Quote About The Guy Who Fucked A McChicken Is Fake

"This doesn't even have to be a real quote, it's still true."

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If for some reason you haven't repressed the memory, you might recall a viral video from August in which a man fucks a McChicken.

was wondering why #mcchicken is trending. found out real quick.

The video was quickly removed from most places online, but if you really want to watch it for some reason...don't say I didn't warn you [NSFW because it's literally a guy fucking a McChicken].

ANYWAY, in late November, this quote β€” which was supposedly said by Victorias's Secret model Adriana Lima β€” began circulating.

"It's flattering knowing men desire me. But then I remember a man would also have sex with a McChicken. So I don't let it get to my head," the quote says, referencing the infamous McChicken sexer.

A quick Google search for the quote brings up only three results, all of which are related to repostings of the meme.


There's no online footprint of the quote ever actually being said prior to the meme's emergence.


A representative for the supermodel confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the quote is, in fact, fake.

"Wow. Definitely have no idea where that came from. Adriana never said that," the rep said in an email.

"Adriana loves a McChicken from time to time when she's not on a catwalk, but she has never referenced the delicious sandwich in this way," she said.

Even so, the quote gone majorly viral, with many people sharing it apparently thinking its real.

Ever her personality is perfect

she did THAT

this is why she is Queen i'm scream


reason #3456 why i love her and want to be her

Of course, some people had their doubts.

did she really say this? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Can't believe people actually think Adriana said this lmaooooooo


The fake quote comes from @absoluteworst, an Instagram account that posts original memes.

Instagram: @absoluteworst

The person behind the account, who asked to remain nameless but said they're 27 and based in the Bay Area, said they "didn't actually know" the meme had gone viral until being contacted by BuzzFeed News.

"I can't reveal all of my meme secrets, but I...wanted to find a way to make it ridiculous, yet still believable," @absoluteworst said. "I asked my memer friends for some help on taking it really out there β€” and they came up with the McChicken bit β€” and it became a big success. I still can't believe how much it's gone around the internet!"

The Instagrammer first posted the meme on Nov. 16. It took off on Twitter when user @kellyblaus tweeted a screenshot of it.

At least we can all still appreciate the iconic quote in all its perfection.

Put this quote on my grave. Honestly. Truly.

"Start your report with a quote to gain inspiration"

this doesn't even have to be a real quote it's still true

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