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    Dry Shampoo For Makeup Brushes Is A Game-Changer For Beauty Addicts

    Sephora, you are too good to us.

    If you're a beauty addict, you already know how annoying it is to clean your makeup brushes.

    But weep no more, because our lord and savior Sephora has invented DRY SHAMPOO FOR YOUR BRUSHES. 😭🙌

    Spray the alcohol-free cleaner directly onto your brush, then wipe the bristles on a tissue for a squeaky-clean tool.

    According to Allure, it works really well with powders, but is a little tougher to use with liquid products. They also note it has a strong, sweet smell. Still, they say it is "definitely a one-up on washing." For more information, check out their review.

    A new age of cleaner brushes has dawned.