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If Disney Movies Were Directed By Tim Burton

Don't you wish this version of Beauty and the Beast were real?

Andrew Tarusov, a Los Angeles–based artist, has reimagined classic Disney movies in Tim Burton's beautifully eerie style.

The results are pretty incredible.

Just look how freaked out Belle is by Burton's beast.

And Ariel has gills in this gothic version of The Little Mermaid.

Don't you wish you could watch this admittedly terrifying version of Pinocchio?

And Sleeping Beauty just got a whole lot darker...

"I love Tim Burton's style — how it looks vintage, stylish, and cute," Tarusov told BuzzFeed. "Everything is made as a horror movie, but at the same time it’s not horror. It could be any genre."

Tarusov has always been a huge Disney fan and loves incorporating the characters into his art.

He also previously redesigned Disney Princesses as pinup girls.

You can see more of Tarusov's art here.