Denim Hair Is The Latest Hair Color Trend And It’s Ridiculously Beautiful

Literally dye-ing.

1. Denim hair is finally here — and we didn’t even realize we’ve been waiting for it.

The new look joins the ever-growing lineup of bold hair color trends.

2. It is so, so gorgeous.

3. Just look at this beautiful blend of soft blues, greens, and grays.

4. And this pale acid wash perfection.

5. It looks just like your favorite pair of blue jeans.

6. And like your favorite jeans, it goes with practically everything.

7. It looks awesome on this mohawk.

8. And it’s breathtaking blended into these ombre locks.

9. You can go bold.

10. Or subtle.

11. Light.

12. Or dark.

13. Is there any way it doesn’t look absolutely stunning?

14. Welcome to the scene, denim hair.

15. We like you a whole lot.

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