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21 Hacks To Look Stylish AF On A College Budget

Because you're already spending a fuck ton on textbooks and booze, tbh.

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1. Make your cheap-ass Forever 21 frat shoes comfy enough to wear with just a hairdryer and a pair of thick socks.

Put on the thickest socks you've got, slip on the shoes, then blast the parts that are too tight with the hairdryer. Let them cool while you're still wearing them. Repeat until you've got a good fit.

8. Think your mascara is done? It's not. Just loosen it up with some hot water.

Julia Reinstein for BuzzFeed / Via

Leave the tube closed, and let the heat melt the mascara a little bit. If you're not near a sink, a few minutes in your bra can also do the trick.

15. Spritz hand-washables with cheap vodka between wears to eliminate odors.

It won't remove any stains, but it'll at least make them smell a lot better.

(Also, don't use any of that flavored crap, obviously. Your pink lemonade Burnett's is bad and you should feel bad.)