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21 Ridiculously Cool Gifts College Students Never Knew They Needed

Thank me later.

Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed Life

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This portable pizza pouch that ensures you're prepared for any and all pizza-related emergencies.

Stupidiotic / Via

Also doubles as ~statement jewelry~. Get it here.

2. A bed tent for when you need to hide from the world (or your roommate) for a bit.

Available here in more colors, too.

3. This flask bracelet.

Holds one shot. Buy an armful here.

4. A pillow to make the toughest long-distance relationship a bit easier.

GoGAGA4Art / Via

The one with your pet, obviously. Get a custom pillow that looks like your BFF here.

5. This sticker.

Noelle Menigoz / Red Bubble / Via

To passive-aggressively give to your class rival. Get it here.

6. Teeny red cup shot glasses.

Because college. Get them here.

7. A microwave pasta cooker.

Fasta Pasta / Amazon / Via

Dorm cooking is easier said than done. Available here.

8. Pencils that get your stress levels.

Perfect for finals. Buy them here and here.

9. This mug that's also a French press.

minibru / Via

Because doing dishes sucks. Available here.

10. A pocket-size bottle of Sriracha to spice up bland dining hall food.

Clip it to your keys and never suffer again. Get it here.

11. These fruit-based tablets that make sour, bitter, and acidic foods taste sweet.

MBerry / Via

It sounds weird AF, I know. But my friends and I took these and had a tasting party with lemons, hot sauce, and basically everything in my fridge. I ate an entire bell pepper like it was an apple. Oh yeah, and they makes bitter alcohol taste like candy. Buy them here.

12. A clock that runs backward (for the inevitable all-nighter).

Yay denial! Get it here.

13. A cookbook to cure rough mornings.

Get it here.

14. A game of drunken Jenga.

ICUP / Via

For added fun, the blocks have challenges on them. Buy it here.

15. A cute pair of heated slippers to brave cold dorms with.

Smoko / Via

Even better if they look like little narwhals. Buy them here.

16. A stress ball for when you're ready to curl up in the fetal position.

It me, it you, it us. Available here.

17. This set of pizza necklaces to split with your crew.

CharmsOnThings / Via

Buy it here, then wear it forever.

18. A hamper that's cool enough to leave out of your closet.

Honey-Can-Do / Bed Bath And Beyond / Via

Bonus: more closet space. Available here.

19. A gorgeous tapestry that transports you to the great outdoors.

Urban Outfitters / Via

Upgrade from your mandala tapestry. Available here.

20. A purse that charges your phone.

I've never needed anything more in my entire life. Available here in four styles.

21. Or, the very best gift of them all:

Julia Reinstein // BuzzFeed

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Ryan Pattie / BuzzFeed

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