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23 Insanely Tasty Foods From Coachella That'll Make You Hungry AF

Headliners include loaded cheese fries, insane sandwiches, and the most beautiful ice cream you've ever seen.

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1. This umami AF foot-long.

2. These classic L.A. "milky buns" (aka ice cream-stuffed doughnuts).

Instagram: @dad_beets

3. These "monster fries" piled with nacho cheese, sour cream, bacon, cilantro, and slaw.

Instagram: @dailyfoodfeed


Instagram: @infatuation_la

6. This bacon, egg, and mozzarella stick-stuffed burger in a bright red bun.

Instagram: @roaminghunger

7. These spicy pork, jalapeƱo, and cheese tots.

Instagram: @scottafters

8. These ice pops to cool down with.

Instagram: @sincerelyjules

9. These insanely tasty crab fries.

10. This ice cream that's almost annoyingly photogenic.

Instagram: @secretstan

11. This straight-up stunning fried chicken sandwich.

12. This pile of fried, garlicky broccoli.

Instagram: @eatdrinkrally

13. These cheesy truffle fries worth growing old with.

Instagram: @dailyfoodfeed

14. This breakfast sandwich of champions.

Instagram: @lafoodieguy

20. These bacon and guac chilaquiles.

Instagram: @lafoodieguy

22. This chicken and waffle sandwich.

Instagram: @yumscore

23. And last but not least, these fries snuggled in a cheese and bacon blanket.

Instagram: @scottafters

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