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    Here's Everything You Need To Eat In Charleston

    Eat your way through the Holy City.

    Is food your *fave* part of traveling?


    Same, tbh. And while Charleston, South Carolina probably brings to mind a gorgeous historic district and sunny beaches, it also has a burgeoning food scene full of hidden gems.

    We asked the people over at Yelp to weigh in on the most delicious and highly rated things, and here's what they recommended:

    1. The lowcountry shrimp roll with Geechie frites from The Obstinate Daughter:

    Clare S. / Via

    "The Shrimp Roll (think lobster roll with shrimp salad) was simple in the best way. Absolutely delicious, and the ideal portion size. This was served with Geechie frites, which were sort of French toast stick-shaped bars of fried Geechie Boy (local) grits." —Clare S.

    "I had the shrimp roll with Geechie frites. The roll was toasted to perfection and was filled with wonderful shrimp. The Geechie frites were so good I ordered another round for the table." —Chris C.

    2. The brisket from Swig & Swine:

    @addapinch / Via

    "This brisket doesn't need sauce. Seriously legit BBQ! Texans in SC should make sure they try this place." —Chris M.

    "A range of barbecue sauces were in front of me, but the brisket didn't need it. Juicy and tender. The only reason I used the knife was to prevent myself from sticking the whole slice of brisket in my mouth." —Stasj T.

    3. Bone marrow bread pudding from The Macintosh:

    @_cebulka_ / @macintoshchs / Via

    "If there is anything you do here, anything at all, it MUST be to order the bone marrow bread pudding. It is simply the most decadent, rich, creamy, heavenly, divine thing you may ever eat." —Dianna S.

    "The marrow bread pudding!!! Never thought a meat marshmallow would my favorite thing on a menu, but this is it." —Kari H.

    4. Pistachio pesto pizza from EVO Pizzeria:

    Robert H. / Via

    "The pistachio pizza comes with pistachio pesto, Split Creek Farm fromage blanc, ground pistachio, creme fraiche, mozzarella, and parmigiano-reggiano. This creamy delight was different from anything I've ever had and I would recommend it to anyone who's adventurous." —Robert H.

    "I've had dreams that involve their pistachio pesto pizza. They are totally PG-13 ... most of the time." —Colleen J.

    5. A peanut butter and jelly beer from Edmund's Oast:

    Charlie P. / Yelp / Via

    "You only need to know five words before coming here: Peanut Butter and Jelly Beer." —Amanda H.

    "OMG! Wonderful and very complex beers. I'm a total beer geek and had a blast sampling each and every one. You have to try the peanut butter and jelly beer. I tried all of them and WOW! I'll be back." —Hector B.

    6. Deviled eggs from Warehouse:

    @gapcreekgourmet / Via

    "Even if you hate eggs, you have to try their spin on deviled eggs. You'll never look at them the same way. So good!" —Michelle N.

    "They have rotating specials and a couple of unique deviled eggs each day. Had the fried oyster deviled egg and the caprese egg. They were both awesome! Definitely get an egg or two while you're there!" —Drew C.

    7. A sticky bun from WildFlour Pastry:

    @chaarg / Via

    "I was fortunate enough to visit them on Sticky Bun Sunday, which is worthy of becoming a national holiday as far as I am concerned. The cinnamon rolls and sticky buns were fresh out of the oven, sizable, and perfectly delectable." —Brian K.

    "This is an absolutely awesome little pastry shop. They only sell the sticky buns on Sunday. So you have to go early as the wait can get long and they do sell out!" —Eric S.

    8. The "adult grilled cheese" with gouda, cheddar, green apple, and prosciutto from Persimmon Cafe:

    Autumn H. / Via

    "The AGC is NOT the grilled cheese of your childhood. This bad boy comes with gouda and cheddar cheese, prosciutto, green apple slices, and is pressed panini-style." —Robbie G.

    "The paninis are magical. Every time they are placed in front of me, they disappear. I love the adult grilled cheese — gouda, prosciutto, green apple and cheddar!" —Darren B.

    9. Garlic crabs from Nana's Seafood & Soul:

    Charlie P. / Via

    "The garlic crabs were on point: fresh, local, spicy, and an explosion of flavor." —Meredith V.

    "The most popular item on the menu, the $15 box of Garlic Crabs, are a STEAL for how much you get with the ability to feed three people easily." —Charlie P.

    10. The Charleston Nasty Biscuit from Hominy Grill:

    Angie B. / Via

    "The Charleston Nasty Biscuit lived up to its reputation. The biscuit was soft, the chicken super tender with a perfectly crispy breading, and the sausage gravy was creamy and filled with flavorful chunks of sausage." —Nicolas L.

    "Oooooh boy is this a good biscuit place. If your arteries are feeling strong, go for the Nasty Biscuit. It's fried chicken, gravy, more gravy, and a biscuit somewhere underneath all that jazz." —Christine Z.

    11. "Rock candy" (aka strips of raw steak that you cook to your liking on a 700-degree stone) from Burwell's:

    Rob P. / Via

    "The rock candy consists of strips of raw steak accompanied by a very hot stone. You just throw it on the rock to cook. The presentation is fun. The sauce that comes with it is awesome." —Kelly G.

    "I was drawn to Burwell's when I heard about the rock candy — tender steak that cooks on a 700-degree stone at the table. These little morsels were absolutely delicious." —Loretta J.

    12. A lobster roll from 167 Raw:

    Li. Y / Via

    "The Lobster Roll, plain and simple, was the best I've ever had. The generous chunks of fresh lobster meat were as tender as humanly possible. The roll — soft, yet crisp on the inside — was buttered to sheer perfection." —Matthew C.

    "167 Raw serves the best lobster roll I've ever had and the beauty of it is the simplicity. They serve the roll with minimal ingredients and the lobster was plentiful and fresh served atop a buttery roll with some green onions. This was the highlight of my trip, no lie." —Melissa A.

    13. Pig ear lettuce wraps from Husk:

    "Pig ear lettuce wraps: these are the bomb. I will say if you have a thing with textures or have never eaten pig's ears, order it with an open mind. They are seasoned perfectly, but watch the chewiness that only eating ears can give you." —Shy A.

    "Don't let the name fool you — this was like the best bacon you've ever had, with some sort of heavenly spicy mixture added. I highly recommend them as a starter if you go. Trust me." —Tiffany G.

    14. Fish and chips with mashed peas and gravy from The Codfather:

    @boncekimages / Via

    "INSANELY good fish and chips. It smells like you're in London somewhere. And when you're done with your food and stuffed, you want more!" —Rouzy V.

    "Phenomenal. Run, don't walk, to The Codfather. Unassuming hole in the wall with the best damn fish and chips I've ever had stateside, and frankly better than most I've had in London." —Alexandra R.

    15. Curry laksa from Co:

    Hantz F. / Via

    "I had the curry laksa for the first time tonight. The flavors were perfect, just the right amount of spicy to balance out the savory base, and the portion was huge!" —Rebecca C.

    "So far I have yet to get away from their delicious curry laksa. It's really hard to resist noodles with shrimp and chicken in a very rich curry broth that ends up being a very filling and tasty dish." —Clay L.

    16. The duck club from Tattooed Moose:

    @hatewich / Via

    "Got the duck club for lunch, which was delicious! I would go back just to get that sandwich again. I liked that the sandwich came with homemade pickled cucumbers and tomatoes. They were the perfect flavor (not too vinegary) and complimented the very sandwich well." —Jackie S.

    "Everyone said we needed to check this place out, and most especially, the Duck Club. It was delicious, and certainly lived up to its reputation!" —Janie P.

    17. Chicken and waffles from Early Bird Diner:

    @jalymo11 / Via

    "My first experience of eating chicken and waffles, and what a wonderful one it was. Tender chicken drizzled in the genius idea of honey mustard sauce with the most scrumptious waffles." —Geraldine P.

    "They're famous for their chicken and waffles, so I decided that's what I'm going to get. It surely did not disappoint. Perfectly fried chicken that was finger-licking good." —Pat H.

    18. Okonomiyaki (aka cabbage pancake) from Xiao Bao Biscuit:

    Amy Lauren S. / Via

    "Diners go gaga for the Japanese cabbage pancake, also known as Okonomiyaki, made from griddled and crispy cabbage, kale, and scallions. It's served with a criss-cross drizzle of sriracha and Japanese mayo and an optional runny-yolk egg or 'pork candy,' aka heavenly bacon dust." —Charlie P.

    "One word: Okonomiyaki! I don't care that you think you don't like cabbage, or pancakes don't sound like dinner. Get the Okonomiyaki with egg and bacon if that's your thing. It is amazingness!" —Shell P.

    19. The Pork Slap from Closed for Business:

    @closed4business / Via

    "Pork slap sandwich! Pork slap sandwich! I can only vouch for that item on the menu, but that was gooooood. I'm usually scared of overcooked and dry pork, but this was juicy and made perfectly for sandwich material." —Grace W.

    "Pork slap sandwich changed my life ... so tasty." —Brian B.

    20. The pork chop at The Granary:

    @thegranarysc / Via

    "For my entree, I got the best damn pork chop I've ever had in my life. It was a wonderful piece of pork that had beautiful fat that just melted in your mouth. It was smoked in mesquite to perfection." —Andrew W.

    "I have yet to have a meal I didn't love there, but think their smoked pork chop with roasted root vegetables and an apple-bacon sauce is the best pork chop I have ever eaten in my 23 years on this planet." —Charlie P.

    21. The porchetta sandwich from Artisan Meat Share:

    @b_roche / Via

    "I quickly found myself returning again and again for their intensely satisfying porchetta sandwich, which comes topped with pork cracklings, caramelized onions, and a generous smear of mayo." —Charlie P.

    "I had the porchetta sandwich and it was outstanding. If you like pork BBQ, just order it and be done. The bread was really tasty and just put the sandwich over the top." —Chris S.

    22. Fish tacos from Poe's Tavern:

    @poestavern / Via

    "There's something to be said about fresh fish tacos when you're this close to the water. Slaw, citrus, and great grilled flavor. Loved every bit and a little bit of the queso on each one made for a nice touch." —Benjamin G.

    "Stick to burgers (real meat) and fish tacos. Everything else is good, but all the burgers and the fish tacos are LEGEND — wait for it — dary." —Brendan S.

    23. Mussels from Rue de Jean:

    @chscuisine / Via

    "We started with the bacon and blue cheese mussels. Oh. My. God. I ate a whole loaf of bread to sop up every morsel of that delicious broth." —Rebecca D.

    "If you like mussels, then push people out of the way to get to Rue de Jean. Damn! The mussels in garlic butter here are off the chain, y'all." —Whit R.

    24. A noodle bowl from Two Boroughs Larder:

    @twoboroughslarder / Via

    "Before this visit, I would have said 4 to 4.5 stars, but after the noodle bowl that I had, they have graduated to 5-star territory. I was happy when our server said that the noodle bowl was available all day, including breakfast." —Andre B.

    "OMG it was heaven in a bowl. Bursting with flavor. The broth was flavorful and not the least bit salty. The crispy pieces of pork, partnered with the luscious and golden egg, was sublime." —Craig F.

    25. The sandwich of the day at goat.sheep.cow:

    @goatsheepcow / Via

    "If you are lucky enough, you can get one of their sandwiches. They make one kind per day and they are yummy. My husband will buy two because he doesn't want the first to end." —Jana E.

    "One of the best hidden gems in Charleston. We love their fantastic sandwiches, cheese, wine, and charcuterie selection — everything." —Alexandra R.