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    Here's Everything You Need To Eat In Charleston

    Eat your way through the Holy City.

    Is food your *fave* part of traveling?

    1. The lowcountry shrimp roll with Geechie frites from The Obstinate Daughter:

    2. The brisket from Swig & Swine:

    3. Bone marrow bread pudding from The Macintosh:

    4. Pistachio pesto pizza from EVO Pizzeria:

    5. A peanut butter and jelly beer from Edmund's Oast:

    6. Deviled eggs from Warehouse:

    7. A sticky bun from WildFlour Pastry:

    8. The "adult grilled cheese" with gouda, cheddar, green apple, and prosciutto from Persimmon Cafe:

    9. Garlic crabs from Nana's Seafood & Soul:

    10. The Charleston Nasty Biscuit from Hominy Grill:

    11. "Rock candy" (aka strips of raw steak that you cook to your liking on a 700-degree stone) from Burwell's:

    12. A lobster roll from 167 Raw:

    13. Pig ear lettuce wraps from Husk:

    14. Fish and chips with mashed peas and gravy from The Codfather:

    15. Curry laksa from Co:

    16. The duck club from Tattooed Moose:

    17. Chicken and waffles from Early Bird Diner:

    18. Okonomiyaki (aka cabbage pancake) from Xiao Bao Biscuit:

    19. The Pork Slap from Closed for Business:

    20. The pork chop at The Granary:

    21. The porchetta sandwich from Artisan Meat Share:

    22. Fish tacos from Poe's Tavern:

    23. Mussels from Rue de Jean:

    24. A noodle bowl from Two Boroughs Larder:

    25. The sandwich of the day at goat.sheep.cow: