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    Posted on Sep 29, 2015

    19 All-Too-Real Moments For People Who Always Get The Hiccups


    1. Hiccups seem to always pop up at the most inopportune times, like in the middle of an important meeting or presentation.

    AXS / Via

    2. Or on dates.

    3. And really anywhere that water is not readily available.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    4. Everyone thinks they have the miracle cure.

    NBC / Via

    But you've seriously tried EVERYTHING.

    5. Holding your breath 'til you nearly faint is basically a hobby at this point.

    Disney / Via

    6. You're perpetually hydrated AF.

    Comedy Central / Via

    7. You're always running out of peanut butter right when you need it.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    8. And you have tried drinking water upside-down exactly once.

    Disney / Via

    Never again.

    9. There's nothing worse than getting hiccups in the middle of the night.

    Cartoon Network / Via Twitter: @adventuretimefp

    10. Sometimes, you worry about the possibility of getting chronic hiccups that last for years.

    11. Whenever you get hiccups at a party, people automatically think you're wasted.

    Disney / Via

    No, seriously, I'm always this way.

    12. When you got hiccups as a kid, your mom would always scold you for eating too fast.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    13. And/or speaking too quickly.

    The Second City Network / / Via

    14. People give you dirty looks, as if you're doing it on purpose.

    Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via

    15. "Can I scare you?" is a thing you are asked on a near daily basis.

    Lions Gate Films / Via

    No, no, a thousand times no.

    16. And, of course, they do it anyway.

    Cartoon Network / Via

    17. But even then, your hiccups keep goin' strong.

    Disney / Via

    "Did it work?" Fuck your entire bloodline.

    18. When you realize that your hiccups are finally gone, you get excited.

    NBC / Via

    19. So excited, that you get hiccups all over again.

    FOX / Via

    Time to get more peanut butter.

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