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28 Very Good Dogs Who Went To The March For Science

Alternative cats.

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On Saturday, people in Washington, DC, and around the world gathered together for the March for Science.

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The march was held on Earth Day as a response to what many see as an aversion to science, fact, and reason from the Trump administration.

There were demonstrators of all ages, cities, and backgrounds in attendance.

1. There were also a lot of very good dogs.

Instagram: @melymel_a



6. Some of the dogs called for a stop to climate change.

Instagram: @genievendam


#MarchforScience dogs have a message cc @darth @dog_rates


@darth @anamariecox sled dog marching for science #marchforscience #ScienceMarch #RM4S

9. And some owed their lives to science.


Max is an early riser here at the #ScienceMarch in DC



PERIODIC TABLE DOG #marchforscience #London

19. And dogs who simply don't want to live in a world without trees to pee on.

Instagram: @channingsherman


Dogs march for Science - Tallahassee March for Science on April 22, 2017 #ScienceMarchTLH #ScienceMarch


24. Thank you, Science Dogs.

Great turn out @DowntownHouston #ScienceMarch #chemistsmarch - the dog is even ready!


27. You are all very good dogs.

Puppers for #MarchForScience! ❤🤓 Cc: @darth @dog_rates


i found this dog at the march for science. he's a very good boy.

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