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The 9 Worst Ways "Mad Men" Could End

Based on this Reddit thread.

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1. The How I Met Your Mother ending:

AMC / CBS / Via BuzzFeed / Julia Pugachevsky

"Don: And that's how I met your mother

*We watch as Megan gets cancer, Don stays by her side (this whole scene is 5 seconds long, although it's been building up for 9 FUCKING SEASONS!). After she dies, Don runs over to Peggy's apartment with a blue wrench in hand. The final shot is Mrs. Rodriguez hanging out the window, smiling at Don." —Reddit user leonidas9001

3. An unexpectedly dark third act:

AMC / Via BuzzFeed / Julia Pugachevsky

"It turns out that Ginsberg is Charles Manson. He kills Megan. Don ends up living alone in LA as the foster parent of all of the Bobbys that disappeared. Duck ends up as head of SC&P after Cooper's untimely death." —Reddit user guy_from_the_fort


7. The sappy last scene:

AMC / Via BuzzFeed / Julia Pugachevsky

"Don Draper finally kicks alcohol and reconciles with Megan, admitting that he hasn't been faithful but that it'll be different this time. She forgives him, and they both move back to New York, where SC&P see the error of their ways and welcome Don back as a full partner and Creative Director. They all live happily ever after and Duck Phillips dies in a plane crash, with Ted as the pilot (he may or may not make it out alive, its left ambiguous).

I would literally take anything over something sappy like that. Hell, I'd rather Don die next episode and have the rest of the season follow copy writer with glasses around over that shit." —Reddit user kilgore_was_here

8. The game changer:

AMC ; HBO ; The WB / Via BuzzFeed / Julia Pugachevsky

"David Boreanaz shows up and reveal that Sterling Cooper was Wolfram and Heart all along. He and Pete Campbell fight Don, who turns into a dragon." —Reddit user ComradeGnull