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13 Words That Mean Different Things After Taylor Swift

"Out of the woods" will never be the same.

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2. "Out Of The Woods"


What it used to mean: An expression meaning you've overcome the worst of a situation.

What it means now: The experience of dating someone you can never fully relax around because your relationship is always in anxiety-inducing limbo.

3. "22"


What it used to mean: The age when one normally graduates college and worries about the future.

What it means now: The best age so far, because you're young and free and have so much ahead of you, so stop stressing so much.


5. "Gym"

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What it used to mean: A place to exercise where you leave feeling sweaty and gross but ultimately good.

What it means now: A mysterious location where you magically come out looking better than when you did walking in. How???