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    Everything You Need To Know About Demisexuality

    For one thing, it's not the same as having a low sex drive.

    Maybe you're already familiar with asexuality — but you might be less so with one of its subcategories: demisexuality.

    While asexuality is gaining more visibility in pop culture, there are still some misconceptions around it. And that's even *more* true with demisexuality.

    Here's the lowdown: while people who identify as asexual generally don't feel sexual attraction, demisexuals only feel sexual attraction *after* they establish a strong emotional bond with someone.

    You might be thinking: "But wait, I'm definitely more turned on when I know someone better. Am I a demisexual?" And the answer is: it depends!

    Like asexuals, demisexuals can face judgment and stigma because sex is not necessarily a big factor in their relationships.

    And what can be especially frustrating is the assumption that it's abnormal to need to get to know someone before wanting to have sex.

    To sum up? When it comes to sexual identity and orientation, says Hall, the most supportive and inclusive thing you can do is to simply trust that people know what they want (or don’t want) in their own individual relationships.

    For more on asexuality and demisexuality, The Asexuality Visibility and Education Network is a great resource. 💜