30 Ways You And Louis C.K. Are The Same Person

“The meal is over when I hate myself.”

1. Mornings are always rough for you.


2. You generally have difficulty getting out of bed.


3. And you often question your existence the moment your eyes open.


4. In general, your mind often drifts to a dark place.

5. Because you’re always expecting the worst, so as not to get disappointed.

6. You feel fairly okay about your body, most of the time.


7. And you generally try to eat what you want.

8. But other people can totally make you feel insecure about your physique.

9. Still, you trump on.


10. You go on dates and give people a chance, even if the outcomes aren’t always desirable.


11. And you’re pretty self-aware when it comes to your romantic shortcomings.

12. Especially since a small part of you is always a little afraid to fall in love.


13. Sex? Sex is a mysterious subject you have yet to fully comprehend.


14. So you’re more of a DIY-type instead.


15. Sometimes, you feel a real disconnect from other people.

16. And you’re usually pretty honest with yourself when it comes to who you enjoy being around.

17. Which leads to you often feeling like you vibe better with animals than human beings.

18. You pretty much know what makes you happy and what doesn’t.

19. And a lot of those things are strikingly simple.

20. You secretly ask yourself important moral questions all the time.

21. And you are deeply bothered by people being treated unfairly.

22. The world in all its injustice never ceases to completely baffle you.

23. And even the more minute details in life can make you utterly confused.

24. Which sometimes makes you want to just stay in your home and never leave.

25. Still, you always try to do the right thing, even if you hate doing it.


26. And you completely realize your shortcomings and try to be better.

27. Yeah, you are blatantly aware of your limitations.

28. Yet you’re also completely accepting of who you are.


29. Because, deep down, you feel enormous gratitude to be alive and an incredible fascination towards the universe around you.

30. But it’s always more fun to be a little cynical.

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