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29 Ways To Seriously Up Your Swimwear Game This Summer

Go beyond a bikini this time around and dress like a true queen.

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1. Embrace a bright red, Baywatch-style one-piece.

2. Or get one in a flattering jewel tone.

3. Make a statement with classic white.

4. Or sport the LBD of swimsuits.

5. Trade in a traditional bikini bottom for a high-waisted, retro look.

6. Which you can enhance with a sexy sheer cover-up.

7. Or a floral crown/print robe combo.

8. You can feel positively chic with black and white polka dots and a sun hat.

9. Or do a bolder take on the summery print.

10. Pick a bejeweled suit for the right amount of shimmer.

11. Or studs, if that's more your thing.

12. You can show off your personality with a screen print.

13. Or you can try some color blocking for a simple, vibrant look.

14. You can add color to the world with some tie-dye neon hues.

15. Or you can work a quirky, one-of-a-kind print.

16. And playing with symmetry never hurt anyone.

17. You can look cute with a bustier-style top.

18. Or add some variety with a nice fringe-y one.

19. Absolutely mix wild prints together.

20. And experiment with unexpected textures.

21. Pair an eye-catching print with an equally-bold fedora and sunglasses.

22. Or add a fun oversized clutch.

23. Treat your swimsuit like a great dress and match up with a statement necklace and heels.

24. Add flowy print bottoms for a more complete look.

25. And dress up immediately with an elegant lace top.

26. But also, fringe shrugs and jorts should not be neglected.

27. Especially when matched with bangles and beads.

28. Throw in turbans, cat-eye sunglasses and anything else that makes you feel great.

29. And get ready to own this summer.

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