17 Ways To Avoid Studying For Midterms

It’s a journey of self-discovery.

1. Attempt to reward yourself with little treats for doing minimal work.

Columbia Pictures/Adaptation


Columbia Pictures/Adaptation



2. As well as try to punish yourself for doing minimal work.

CBS/The Big Bang Theory / Via greenterrorfish.tumblr.com

But go easy on yourself.

3. Turn one “study break” episode of Party Down into a marathon of the whole season.

Nickelodeon/Rocko’s Modern Life / Via peteneems.tumblr.com

4. Refuse to crack a book until your food delivery comes because you can’t start without your brain food!

Studio Ghibli/Spirited Away / Via cloegabriel.tumblr.com

Estimated delivery time: two hours. PERFECT.

5. Aimlessly highlight the entire textbook.

Everything and nothing is important.

6. Instead of calling it “nodding off,” refer to it as a mini nap for every half sentence read.

Fox/The Simpsons / Via theworldasiseeitx.tumblr.com

Hey, you need to recharge.

7. Make flash cards to avoid facing the truth: You have no idea how to usefully absorb this information.

NBC/Community / Via fullybalanced.tumblr.com

8. Study two months worth of information in one night because, uh, you’ll remember it better the closer it gets to exam day!

Independent UHF Stations/Monogatari / Via whatshouldbetchescallme.tumblr.com


9. Invite your friends over for a “study party” that’ll turn into cocktail breaks, which’ll quickly escalate to rampant drinking.

10. Spend hours putting together your “midterms” playlist because it must be perfect!

Even if you’re too distracted by the lyrics to do anything.

11. Actually use the tiny, possibly mildew-infested bathtub in your dorm room to relax your nerves.

Kadokawa Herald Pictures/The Girl Who Leapt Through Time / Via kawaiiasfuckbitch.tumblr.com

12. Invite your significant other/crush for, you know, moral support.

The CW/The Vampire Diaries / Via the-beauty-loves-the-beast.tumblr.com

13. Decide that now is the time to get really good at that free solitaire app on your computer and phone.

This is the best and worst thing you’ve ever seen.

14. Make a solid attempt at hacking the SelfControl app just so you could check your Facebook updates.

Universal Pictures/Bruce Almighty / Via gleektasticlove.tumblr.com

Too bad you still don’t understand what’s going on in your comp sci class.

15. Respond to every human being who texts or emails you out of sheer desperation.

Paramount Pictures/Young Adult / Via legitfriends.tumblr.com

But, outside of procrastinating, you’re also a great friend.

16. Start drafting the email to your professor asking for an extension.

ABC/Boy Meets World / Via stevenlathrop.tumblr.com

It’s more eloquently worded than any paper on Nietzsche.

17. Accidentally spend the whole night reading lists that pertain to your life, only to remember that your exam is today.

Logo TV/RuPaul’s Drag Race / Via werking9to5.tumblr.com

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