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27 Truths Mindy And Danny From "The Mindy Project" Taught You About Love

"Hey Sugar, what's shakin'?"

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1. Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano start off picking on each other a lot.

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2. But then they get together with one of the undisputed best kisses in TV history.

3. They slowly stop being afraid to show their vulnerable sides.

4. And while they're away, they still can't stop talking to each other.

5. They are pros at resolving conflicts peacefully.

6. Even when they have different ideas, they end up compromising.

7. They find any excuse to be close to each other.

8. Literally any way possible.

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9. They're pretty into each other all the time.

10. And they realize how happy they are to wake up next to each other every morning.

11. They also totally know how to spice things up.

12. And they can be goofy around each other and still find each other sexy.

FOX / Via

13. They have their food priorities straight.

FOX / Via

14. And they're supportive of any new style explorations.

15. Also, they leave the most adorable notes.

16. And the best pet names.

17. They share many cute, subtle moments.

18. And everything is kind of magical when they're together.

19. They are there for the other person at all times.

20. Even when those times are less urgent.

21. They change for each other.

22. And they make each other better.

23. They just get each other.

24. And they're each other's best friends.

25. Yeah, they can make fun of each other. A lot.

26. But they see things in the other person that no one else sees.

27. Pretty much, they are perfect.

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