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23 Times Tumblr Told The Truth About Being An Introvert

"I'd rather read than go to a party."

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1. On friendship:

2. On mingling:

3. On the constant, paradoxical struggle:

4. And conflicting personality traits:

5. On a situation we've all been in:

6. On what doesn't appeal to us:

7. On the need to run away at all times:

8. On our preferred interactions:

9. On our secretly-warm interiors:

10. On the exhaustion that comes from speaking:

11. On ancient proverbs:

12. On how we feel literally all the time:

13. On our inherent shyness:

14. On the inevitable and painful truth:

15. On romance:

16. On making new friends:

17. On dining habits:

18. On bonding with the same species:

19. On possibly hurt feelings:

20. On personal sanctuaries:

21. On winning slogans:

22. On the fears we all have:

23. And on the cold, hard truth.

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