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33 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Being Single On Valentine's Day

Oh Tumblr, only you truly understand me. <3

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1. On your plans:

2. On your dinner of choice:

3. On gentle reminders:


4. On a reservation for one:

5. On sex:

6. On the harsh truth:

7. On the best kinds of singles:

8. On your choices in dairy products:


9. On hidden messages:

10. On what all signs might as well say:

11. On left shark logic:

12. On the only plans you REALLY need:

13. On wrong numbers:


14. On your friends' relationships:

15. On the unstoppable thirst:

16. On important events:

17. On the rest of the world:

18. On the dreaded words:


19. On smart shopping:

20. On it-that-shall-not-be-named:

21. On the best dessert imaginable:

22. On new relationship goals:

23. On the power of friendships:


24. On what's preferable:

25. On consistency:

26. On priorities:

27. On being a little grumpy:

28. On a slightly more fitting name:

29. On PDA from couples:

30. On the days leading up to it:

31. On the silver lining:

32. On what we all really want deep down:

33. And on treating yourself:

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