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    23 Reasons Niles And Daphne From "Frasier" Were The Best TV Couple Ever

    "Hello. I was wondering if you might be free for a date."

    1. Niles Crane's secret infatuation with Daphne Moon lasted FOREVER.

    Like, seven seasons forever.

    2. It was the punchline of many a joke.

    3. Especially when he tried to impress her.

    4. Or got caught in a deceptively-risqué situation.

    5. Niles cherished every moment he spent with Daphne.

    (Even if it involved physical pain.)

    6. And he was always a good friend to her, no matter what.

    7. They'd have the most heartwarming conversations when they were alone.

    8. And Daphne had no idea her platonic love for Niles would one day mean something more.

    9. They did fun things, like learn to dance together.

    10. Only to transition into something a little slower.

    11. They'd have moments that were like "OMG, HOW ARE YOU NOT TOGETHER ALREADY."

    12. (Seriously.)

    13. Slowly though, their chemistry became undeniable.

    14. Niles grew less nervous around her.

    15. And told her he loved her at the worst possible time.

    "In case I don't get the answer I want, I can at least make this moment last a little longer."

    16. But once they made that step, there was no going back.

    17. And they bravely started the rest of their lives together.

    18. They had the most tender moments imaginable.

    19. Even their fights were perfect.

    20. Niles went from having a schoolboy crush to being a father.

    21. His intense love for Daphne never died down for a moment.

    22. And Daphne finally found the man worthy of her.

    23. Niles + Daphne forever <3333333333