43 Times "My So-Called Life" Got So Insanely Real

    "Why are you like this?" "Like how?" "Like, how you are."

    1. When Angela perfectly narrowed down the best qualities in a man:

    2. When Angela saw everything in slow motion around her crush.

    3. When Angela's longing for Jordan was silent, yet potent.

    4. When Jordan gave the realest advice.

    5. When Rickie summed up adolescence.

    6. When Rayanne spoke nothing but the truth:

    7. When Brian Krakow was all of us in high school.

    8. Pretty much any one of Angela's inner monologues.

    9. Like, HOW is this girl in high school??

    10. When Rickie and Angela had both entirely different and entirely the same problems.

    11. When Angela told Brian he didn't know what love was when, THE WHOLE TIME, he was in love with her.

    12. When Patti and Angela had this moment:

    13. When Angela put perfectly into words what living with adult pressures feels like.

    14. When Angela understood Rickie better than he could've ever guessed.

    15. When Angela and Jordan embodied angsty teen crushing to the absolute max.

    16. When Jordan finally held Angela's hand and it felt like the most important event in the history of time.

    17. When Jordan thought he was being polite, when, deep down, he said the worst things he could possibly say.

    18. When Sharon and Rayanne teamed up to help Angela stick up for herself.

    19. When Jordan unintentionally brought up the damaging effects of patriarchal norms.

    20. When Angela and Jordan had a conversation that meant nothing and everything, at the same time.

    21. When Angela tried SO HARD to be nonchalant.

    22. When Rayanne explained to Angela the importance of being honest with your feelings.

    23. When Brian couldn't bear to break Angela's heart, even though he really wanted to be with her.

    24. When, despite liking him a lot, Angela stood up for herself every time Jordan behaved like a dingus.

    25. And when Jordan actually changed as a person due to Angela speaking her mind.

    26. When Angela and Sharon rekindled their friendship in the most moving way.

    27. When Rickie and Angela learned how much they meant to each other.

    28. When Angela actually felt inspired by her teacher:

    29. When Angela's lie was way more awkward than the truth.

    30. And when she learned it didn't matter because Jordan was dyslexic and couldn't read.

    31. When Angela just felt really, really alone in the world.

    32. When Rickie had to deal with daily harassment just for being who he was.

    33. When Rayanne looked out for Angela in the cleverest way.

    34. And when Rayanne told Jordan what's what.

    35. When Angela pushed Jordan to be the best he could be.

    36. When Rickie's drama teacher wouldn't give up on him.

    37. When Jordan summarized the trickiness of romance so simply.

    38. When Angela woke up and started dancing because she was finally "over" Jordan Catalano.

    39. When Angela dropped this explosive truth bomb.

    40. And this one:

    41. And THIS ONE:

    42. When Jordan was literally all of us.

    43. And when it tackled the most confusing question of all: