17 Times Meryl Streep Was An Inspiration To Us All

    "It's amazing what you can get if you quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand it."

    1. When she shared one of her secrets for success.

    2. When she tackled gender inequality head-on.

    3. When she admitted to once having insecurities about how gorgeous she is.

    4. When she told us the words we all need to hear.

    5. When she made light fun of her male colleagues.

    6. When she accepted and expressed gratitude for every compliment.

    7. And showed that there's nothing wrong with liking yourself.

    8. When she said what we all feel inside.

    9. When she showed that everyone is deserving of acceptance:

    10. When she brought up ageism in the media:

    11. When she encouraged people to savor each moment.

    12. When she proved that asking for her husband's advice didn't make her any less of an empowering woman.

    13. When she was nothing but honest.

    14. When she didn't care about what anyone thought of her.

    15. When she proved that empathy plays a huge part in great acting.

    16. When she said these words and they mattered more because they were spoken by the Goddess Queen Streep.

    17. And when she took her billionth award with damn pride.

    Keep being amazing, Meryl.