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29 Times "Masters Of Sex" Made Your Heart Rate Go Up

Spoilers, obvs.

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1. Anytime there was an almost-kiss.

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These two were always Pretty Woman-ing each other.

2. When Ginny and Bill briefly dabbled in S&M.

3. When Libby's attraction to Robert gradually became more and more apparent.

4. When Ginny decided to take the research to the next level and Bill made this face:

5. And when Bill took things to a new level as well.

"I want to look at you."

6. When Bill admitted he pretty much only ever thought about Virginia.

7. When Betty and Helen finally kissed.

8. And when Helen managed to somehow look hot while putting more clothes on.

9. When this happened:

10. Followed by a strikingly honest conversation masked by role play.

11. When Bill so matter-of-factly said this:

12. Every time there was a subtle gender reversal.

13. Basically anytime a zipper was involved.

Showtime / Via

14. During the many stolen glances.

15. And moments of thinly-veiled affection.

Showtime / Via

16. When Bill was being a total dick and you felt conflicted because it was also weirdly erotic.

Such a jerk -- but the lighting is so damn sensual -- but he's such a jerk!

17. When a rain-soaked Bill Masters showed up at Virginia's doorstep.

(And really opened up.)

18. And when Virginia had a vulnerable moment with Bill which led to their first kiss.

19. Which, after waiting FOREVER, eventually led to full-on makeout seshs.

20. Even this was BLOODY hot.


21. When Libby and Robert got over their sexual tension.

22. Also, when Libby finally got laid.

Showtime / Via

Seriously, FINALLY. Poor woman.

23. When Bill got hella feisty.

24. And Virginia got feisty right back.

25. When Libby and Robert had this genuinely stunning and super sexy moment.

26. Which led to her finally learning to see herself as truly beautiful.

Showtime / Via

27. During any of the romantic, slo-mo strokes.

Showtime / Via

28. There were a lot of them.

29. And, of course, anytime there were butts.

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