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19 Times Lindsay From "You're The Worst" Was You AF

"I am not a sidekick. I'm Beyoncé, not Kelly Rowland."

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1. When she pretty much nailed the true benefits of American capitalism.

2. When she realized how to turn dick pics into pure gold.

3. When she dropped a huge but significant truth bomb.

4. When she had the best response to romantic clichés.

5. When she refused to be on the sidelines.

6. When she had this valid point against the past.

7. When she summed up the main dating issue straight women face.

8. When she understood the true core of a good friendship.

9. And could honestly point out her best friend's deepest shortcomings.

10. When she knew who not to date.

11. When she knew what parts of her education were actually important.

12. When she knew exactly how to exploit the free sample system.

13. When she had the best comeback to obscure pop culture references.

14. When she knew how to spruce up any event.

15. When she asked the right questions.

16. When she had the best reaction to babies.

17. And had the best parenting advice.

18. When she reminded us to stay young.

19. And when she was absolutely flawless.

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