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14 Times Joe Biden Had The Perfect Reaction To 2014

It's been a year.

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1. When this ridiculous thing happened in Florida. / Via Getty / Pool

2. When Jen from Appleton messed up an important candle request. / Via Getty / Pool

3. When people did the ice bucket challenge all wrong. / Via Getty / Pool

4. When the most important thing on the internet was Kim Kardashian's naked butt. / Via Getty / Pool

5. When Hollywood forgot that Eygpt isn't actually full of white people. / Via Getty / Pool

6. When a teenager pretended to marry a life-size cutout of Harry Styles. / Via Getty / Pool

7. When potato salad was crowdfunded. / Via Getty / Pool

8. When a giant inflatable sex toy posed as a Christmas tree in Paris. / Via Getty / Pool

9. When Justin Bieber did anything, but particularly when he spoke at his deposition. / Via Getty / Pool

10. When Sofía Vergara was objectified and put on display at the Emmys. / Via Getty / Pool

11. When this news channel said the forecast was "not ass cold." / Via Getty / Pool

12. When "Too Many Cooks" got real dark. / Via Getty / Pool

13. When Ariana's right side got no love. / Via Getty / Poool

14. When Jaden Smith's Twitter philosophies got over 13,000 retweets.

Twitter: @officialjaden / Via Getty / Pool

It's been a year.

Via Getty / Pool

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