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    23 Times Elle Woods Empowered You As A Woman

    "I'll show you how valuable Elle Woods can be!" Inspirational words from the Legally Blonde heroine.

    1. Elle was unwaveringly set on her goals, no matter how difficult they seemed.

    2. While Warner got into Harvard because of his family connections, she made it completely on her own.

    3. And she rose to the top of the ranks despite everyone's doubts.

    4. She dealt with constant adversity because of her looks, and always questioned other people's dumb judgments.

    5. And she wasn't afraid to call people out on their pre-conceived opinions of her.

    Like that bitchy saleswoman who thought she was a "dumb blonde."

    6. Nonetheless, she knew who she was and wouldn't change.

    7. Elle wore whatever she wanted, when she wanted.

    8. And she proved looks don't matter as long as you work.

    9. She was vocal against catcalling.

    10. And grew to realize she deserved a guy who respected her.

    11. But she was also vulnerable and open about her feelings.

    12. Especially since she frequently dealt with hurtful double standards while trying to remain true to herself.

    13. She was obviously fierce. You don't mess with Elle Woods.

    14. But she was also highly optimistic about her future, even if the road was tough.

    15. She'd inject her own uniqueness into everything.

    16. And, in the end, she solved a case no one else on her team could have because she knew her special value.

    17. Elle sought out the advice and support of other women.

    18. And gave back that support tenfold.

    19. Because she valued female friendships and knew how important her friends were.

    20. And she even ended up becoming besties with Vivian, who she started out hating.

    21. Elle Woods proved feminists could be many things at once.

    22. She was girly, bubbly, AND a killer lawyer.

    23. And she always knew her self-worth.