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    17 Times Charlotte And Harry Were The Best Couple On "Sex And The City"

    "I don't care if you ever marry me - I just want to be with you."

    1. This is the first time Charlotte met Harry. Definitely not love at first sight.

    2. She literally switched divorce lawyers because Harry was less attractive and therefore less intimidating.

    3. But Harry fell for Charlotte. Hard.

    4. He gave the most commanding-yet-sensitive, sexually-charged-yet-utterly-romantic monologue in the history of the whole show.

    5. Actually, let's just watch this again because OMG.

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    "What does it take?"

    6. But after the (amazing) sex, Charlotte just wanted to be friends-with-benefits because she found Harry kinda gross.

    7. Slowly though, she started to really see his charm, even when he was speaking cringeworthy faux French.

    8. Proof you're in love: you went through food poisoning together and still want to bone.

    9. Harry tried to integrate himself more into Charlotte's life, while Charlotte also learned to compromise more.

    10. Before she knew it, Charlotte was crushed when she learned that Harry couldn't marry a non-Jew.

    11. After much thought, she decided to give up her dream of marriage just to be with him.

    12. ...To which he responded to with a proposal.

    13. But despite the guaranteed marriage, Charlotte still converted to Judaism.

    14. Charlotte fell so hard that she was disappointed Harry couldn't be her first husband.

    Luckily, she had Carrie there to talk some sense into her.

    15. They stayed strong when struggling to have a baby, making the moment they did all the more special.

    16. He helped Charlotte realize why she had to go through her painful divorce with Trey - because if not for that, they never would've met.

    17. And they're imperfectly perfect.