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19 Times Bert Cooper Was The Best Character On "Mad Men"

*Spoiler alert*

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1. When he shared his wisdom via witty one-liners.

2. Or gently advised his younger co-workers against foolishness.

3. When he said what everyone else was thinking.

4. Or what no one was thinking about enough.

5. When he chose to be the only pacifist in the room.

6. And always managed to solve conflict in the most peaceful way possible.

7. Because he always had his priorities straight.

Like when Pete tried to get rid of Don by revealing his true identity and Bert was like "BITCH, PLEASE."

8. But that's not to say he couldn't totally be a badass when necessary.

9. Like making people take off their shoes in his office.

10. Or being the only person sitting down in a meeting.

11. There were all the times he flaunted his office art collection.

12. Or when he told surprisingly fascinating historical anecdotes to prove a point.

13. There were all the times he said the right thing during a dark moment.

14. And was especially kind to Joan.

15. He crafted the most beautiful eulogies.

Like this one for Mrs. Blankenship.
AMC / Via

Like this one for Mrs. Blankenship.

16. And could make the room hush with a single word.

17. Most importantly, he went out with a bang.

AMC / Via

18. (Instead of a whisper.)

19. Farewell, Bert. You will be missed.

AMC / Via
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