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19 Times Amy Poehler Gave Absolutely Sound Advice

"You can't look stupid if you're having fun."

1. When she talked about being optimistic.

2. When she provided you with one simple rule to follow.

3. When she spoke out against jealousy.

4. When she inspired girls and women alike.

5. When she encouraged you to let people in.

6. When she proved that failure is necessary for growth.

7. When she smashed the patriarchy without so much as flinching.

8. When she just told you to try.

9. When she was in favor of being respectful no matter what.

10. When she expressed how important it is to create instead of destroy.

11. When she showed it's OK to break down your barriers.

12. When she spoke of what true wisdom is.

13. When she showed you how to make worthwhile friends.

14. When she taught everyone a little humility can go a long way.

15. When she said it was OK to like what you like.

16. When she brought up privilege and the significance of recognizing it.

17. When she said what your mom's been telling you all these years.

18. When she once again spoke the simple truth.

19. And when she just had fun.