This Is How The Game Where Women Are Literally Turned Into Trophies Happened

Games are the hottest way to advertise singles these days. BuzzFeed talked to the designer behind this fumbled Future and Kanye West promotion.

1. A game advertising Future and Kanye West’s collaboration “I Won” was released on Wednesday. In the game, the two artists sit on the beach, throwing chains at women, and turning them into trophies.

Uprising Creative

Users rack up points for how many bikini-clad women they turn into tiny trophies.

2. The game prompted negative reactions from fans and non-fans alike:

5. It was designed by The Uprising Creative, a Chicago and L.A. studio that specializes in “advergames.”

The Uprising Creative

A March game for another Future single, “Move That Dope,” cost his label about $25,000, and got 3 percent of users to click-through and download the song. For the label, that promo was cheaper and more effective than a traditional banner ad.

6. Uprising had previously made games promoting other singles, like Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance.”

Uprising Creative

In that game, released in 2012, Juicy J throws money at strippers. It was a big success, with about 20% of users playing more than once, according to Schopfel.

7. So where did the idea to turn women into trophies in this game come from? Uprising’s Brian Schopfel, who worked on the “I Won” game, said he designed it based on the song’s official video:

Like Uprising’s other games, it was created in “about three to four weeks,” Schopfel said.

8. He also stated that the game is meant to be a literal interpretation of the “I Won” lyrics:

9. Before “I Won” was released, Future was already trying to clarify its meaning.


He told Pitchfork he hoped it would come across as a celebration of women: “I Won” is not a love song,” he said. “It’s just me uplifting women in general. I’m giving women the power to treat themselves as a trophy—to show that and know it in yourself and be confident—because when they do that, whoever they’re with is winning. I’m not teaching motherfuckers how to love.” Later, he told another journalist that his fiancé‎, Ciara, loved the song.

According to producer Metro Boomin, Future also originally thought “I Won” might be an interlude on his album, not a single.

10. Future’s label, Epic, declined to comment about negative reactions to the game.

Uprising’s Schopfel said that, amidst criticism from mainstream outlets, “reaction [to the game] from fans was very positive.”

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