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    This Is For Everyone Who's Hopelessly Thirsty For Oscar Isaac

    He's an award-winning actor who can sing, but also, he is stunning.

    He can pull off literally any and all facial hair.

    But he also doesn't *need* any of it. Those dimples can do what they damn well please.

    Magnolia Pictures

    LOOK AT THAT FACE. Those cheekbones were sculpted from the blueprints of your wildest dreams.

    If you're into musicians with flawless beards carrying cute cats, Llewyn Davis is pretty much purrrrrfection.

    CBS Films

    He always sings with so much soul and looks gorgeous doing it.

    CBS Films

    And he sounds even better than he looks (if you could believe it.)

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    Fact: he is one of the only men on this earth who can pull off the man bun.

    Even when he's playing a shady guy covered in blood he makes us almost forget about Ryan Gosling.


    Drive would be a perfect film if he got more screen time.

    He looks especially adorable when sandwiched between two toddlers.

    Anchor Bay Films

    Yup, I will take everything in this gif set, please.

    He always give thoughtful answers in interviews.

    "Normally we see Latin American actors playing gangsters and drug dealers, yet since you emerged on the big screen, you have been playing characters that are often reserved for white guys. How do you do that?"

    His ALS ice bucket challenge was charitable in more than one way.

    He intrinsically understands our collective needs and stars in erotic thriller period pieces.

    Roadside Attractions


    Him in a suit = you cutting out whoever was your prom date and replacing with a photo of him.

    He's obviously a powerful kisser. You can just tell.

    Universal Pictures

    NBD, just lying here in perfect Adonis form while a figure rustles under the sheets. The usual.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    *heavy breathing*

    Same, tbh. Same.

    Roadside Attractions

    In conclusion: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.

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