This Is For Anyone Who’s Thirsty For Michael Sheen

Master of ***SeXy***

1. Important announcement: Welsh actor Michael Sheen is a bonafide hottie.

Getty Images / David Livingston

2. For one thing, he is a pro at understated stripping maneuvers.


3. Of all the people who have ever moodily tossed back and forth in bed in a white t-shirt, he has done it the most sensually.


4. He can pull off any haircut.


Hell would be having to pick only ONE Michael Sheen.

5. He’s also goofy-sexy, aka the best kind of sexy.


6. Seriously, the only thing better than an attractive man in a sharp suit is an attractive man in a sharp suit doing this joyful move:


7. He has mastered the selfie and subsequently made the world a little brighter because of it.

1 - 0 to Man U!!!!

— michael sheen (@michaelsheen)

8. Also, he has perfected the art of beard maintenance. And delighted chuckling. And dear god, everything else.


9. He can show up all Gone With The Wind-like because he gives no damn!

Getty Images / Mark Davis

10. He even once correctly identified himself as a “handsome devil.”

This handsome devil will be on with @CraigyFerg tonight 12.35am/ 11.35pm C #LateLateShow

— michael sheen (@michaelsheen)

11. Oh yeah, and he’s a devout humanitarian so, DROOL.

Had incredibly impressive visit at Hafod #RightsRespectingSchool in Swansea near my home town. Thank you! @UNICEF_uk

— michael sheen (@michaelsheen)

12. And he sweet-talks like no other.

13. He’s hot when he awkward-winks.

14. He’s hot when he’s going for the Billie Joe Armstrong-look.

New Line Cinema / Via

15. Even when he’s mansplaining, you can’t help but hate-swoon.

Sony Pictures Cinema / Via

16. He’ll literally blur your vision with his beauty.

Screen Gems / Via

17. AHEM - he also has the most delectable rump in all the land.

Showtime / Via

(and he knows how to use it)

18. LOOK AT THOSE EYES. They’ve creeped into the deepest corners of your soul and there’s no going back.

Universal Pictures / Via

19. And even when he arrives at your doorstep soaking wet, the thirst can’t be quenched.

20. So keep thirsty.

Columbia Pictures / Via

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