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    This Hotel Went All Out And Decorated A Customer's Room With Nic Cage Photos

    Now THAT is some quality service!

    Reddit user hlfempty69 recently checked in at the Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno and asked for a Nic Cage photo on their pillow.


    Which the hotel was more than happy to do.

    But then, Nic Cage photos were found on windows...

    And in closets...

    Soon, finding photos of the world’s most memeable actor became more like a scavenger hunt.

    "It speaks to the sense of humor of the staff, and we were excited to share that sense of humor with a guest with a similar humor," Niki Gross, the hotel's manager, told BuzzFeed.


    "The Front Desk Manager Jake Wright led the charge with several of the other staff searching for photos."

    Great customer service isn't new to the hotel - once, it got a request for a bathtub full of beer, so the hotel filled the tub with ice and a 24-pack.

    A+ work, Whitney Peak Hotel. Nic Cage would definitely lose it (in a good way) over this tribute.