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    This Guy Got Applebee's And Outback Steakhouse To Battle Each Other On Twitter

    Are you team #BloominOnion or #Coronarita?

    It all started when Twitter user Skrizzly Adams posed an important question: Applebee's or Outback Steakhouse?

    Much to his surprise, Applebee's responded swiftly and with great confidence.

    @SkrizzlyAdams @Outback The one on the left! ~ ART

    @Applebees @Outback the people must decide! #BattleOfTheFranchiseRestaurants

    Moments later, Outback decided to enter the ring as well.

    @SkrizzlyAdams @Applebees Bloomin' Onion #ForTheWin

    @Applebees looks like @Outback is bringin that aggressive left hook to the fight! What u gonna do about it? #BattleOfTheFranchiseRestaurants

    But Applebee's wasn't intimidated and retaliated with pic and an aggressively punny hashtag.

    @SkrizzlyAdams @Outback Starting out with delicious apps? You have been served. #floatslikeabutterflystingslikeaBEE

    @Outback wow looks like @Applebees just brought the HEAT & completely upped the ante w/ the raw visuals. What u gonna do about that? #BOTFR

    And it even threw a little shade.

    @SkrizzlyAdams While we're waiting on @Outback, how about a Corona'rita? Cools down the HEAT. #BOTFR

    @Applebees @Outback ruthless!!! #BattleOfTheFranchiseRestaurants

    @Applebees uh oh is @Outback KO'd or are they just playin possum and about to drop a slammin Chocolate Thunder from Down Under pic?? #BOTFR

    But Outback refused to be put in the corner.

    @SkrizzlyAdams @Applebees Beers . Shrimp . Dessert . That is all. ;)

    @Applebees well god damn @Outback just hit u with a right, left, and an upper cut!!! No visuals tho... Whats about to happen?!?! #BOTFR

    Meanwhile, Applebee's just kept throwing more punches.

    @Outback @SkrizzlyAdams No steak? You should check out our NEW Citrus Lime Sirloin. #BOTFR

    @Applebees @Outback sweet Jesus its getting crazy! BUT STILL NO CHAMPION! Its time we talk SERVICE, who's got it?? #FightOfTheCentury #BOTFR

    But Outback held its ground.

    @Applebees @SkrizzlyAdams Always steak, always!

    @Applebees looks like @Outback is moving with great confidence!!! This could get crazy!!! #BattleOfTheFranchiseRestaurants

    And then it brought out a secret weapon: a free giftcard.

    @SkrizzlyAdams How about your next steak ON US!! ;) DM us your addy and we'll make it happen #OutbackSurprise

    @Outback wow talk about upping the ante! And the conviction to "make it happen"! @Applebees is this bout to be a 3rd round knock out? #BOTFR

    Applebee's tried to fight back with an elaborate graphic.

    @SkrizzlyAdams @Outback Our service Always RAWKS!! #BOTFR

    @Applebees strong visuals & hip spelling, but @Outback just made a powerhouse punch w/ the free food!!! 5… 4…. 3… #LastChanceToGetUp #BOTFR

    But eventually, it caved in and doled out a free giftcard as well.

    @SkrizzlyAdams @Outback Don't DM us. We've got your GC right here: #BooYah ~ART

    @Outback wow did @applebees just make the greatest comeback in fighting history? I think so! Time someone proves their true greatness #BOTFR

    At this point, the duel was losing a little bit of steam.

    Two great fighters @Applebees and @Outback Great endurance, incredible strength, and mouth watering menus, but we need a winner! #BOTFR

    @SkrizzlyAdams @Outback Triple Chocolate Meltdown for the count! #WINNING #BOTFR ~ ART

    @Applebees @Outback is this about to be a 12 round fight?!?! The world NEEDS a CHAMPION… one of you needs to prove themselves! #BOTFR

    Applebee's was thankful for the challenge.

    @Outback Thanks for a great fight. You're quite the adversary. Perhaps another day? Cheers! #Hi5 @SkrizzlyAdams ~ART

    And Outback made a classy exit of its own.

    @Applebees @SkrizzlyAdams Whenever there is a craving for steak, we'll be there until the bitter end.

    But then Applebee's made itself the true winner by giving Skrizzly Adams (who is an aspiring musician) a special shoutout.

    @SkrizzlyAdams Thanks for the fun today! Really digging 'That's Life' so we're following your @youtube channel :) ~ART

    The moral of the story? Get franchise restaurants to duke it out on social media platforms.

    @Applebees @PaulRizkallaJr @Outback Round 2 of #BattleOfTheFranchiseRestaurants Is gonna be a helluva fight! #BOTFR