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    This 13-Year-Old Boy Has The Most Beautiful Voice On Vine

    Jeffrey Miller needs to release an EP like NOW, like RIGHT NOW.

    This is Jeffrey Miller, a 13-year-old singer on Vine. And. His voice. Is. KILLER.

    He has 557.2K followers and does covers of pop hits, like "XO".

    He has a falsetto that will make you melt.

    And he can already belt like a pro.

    Oh, and he also plays piano AND guitar -- NBD!!

    He makes thoughtful Vines, like this one for the lives lost from the Boston Marathon bombing.

    Or this one, addressing cyberbullying.

    Or this sweet cover of "All of Me", for a special girl. :)

    Most importantly, he knows how to share the lime light with his friends, making him the the pop superstar we all need in our lives.