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    19 Things We Learned From Betty White's AMA On Reddit

    She's a huuuge animal lover.

    Getty Images / Toby Canham

    1. Her and Lucille Ball go way back.

    2. And her and Craig Ferguson are basically BFFs.

    3. Her marriage to Allen Ludden was a major highlight of her life.

    4. (Especially with how they met.)

    CBS / Via

    5. She has the most adorable memories from her Golden Girls days.

    6. As well as some crazy ones from The Tonight Show.

    7. And she had a spectacular interaction with the Queen.

    8. She loves animals so much, she can't even pick a favorite.

    9. She literally loves them all.

    Getty Images / Brian To

    10. If not for acting, she would've worked with wildlife.

    11. And she's a big fan of newborn animals.

    12. Live TV is her favorite.

    13. She loves to poke fun at herself.

    14. And she has a pretty good idea of who should play her in a movie.

    NBC / Via

    15. She has great taste in film.

    16. (And alcohol.)

    17. She doesn't believe in telling people how to live their lives.

    18. The secret to her youth is actually really simple.

    19. And above all, she's a young soul.

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