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17 Things That'll Make You Seriously Question Your Love For Chocolate

The sanctity of chocolate has been tainted with, well, taints.

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1. These ACTUAL insects covered in chocolate.

Mmm, slugs!

2. These grandpa teeth.

3. This chocolate diarrhea.

4. Yup, that's a dick.


5. And that's a big ol' ghost dick.

6. This torso didn't need a dick but HEY, WHY NOT.

7. This unidentified brawny man also has a dick.

8. These are almost abstract but :/


9. I mean, who hasn't seen a nose and wanted to eat it?


10. "Join me in the drawing room, Clarice. We'll be having some tea and After Dinner Nipples."

11. Can I just have the little chocolate morsels and not have to pick them out of a plastic deer's unusually expanded anus??

12. "It's just chocolate, peanut butter and oats", you whisper to yourself.

13. Kids ruin everything.

14. This heart-shaped box was definitely NOT what Nirvana was singing about.

15. Some more confusing dicks.

16. This DIY chocolate dick kit.

17. And this chocolate butthole.



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