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    19 Things Only New Yorkers Are Weird Enough To Do

    Ninety percent involves expert multitasking.

    1. Strategically jaywalk in zigzags so that not a second is wasted.


    The unspoken rule: If the light just turned a solid red, you cross really quickly so that you can breeze through the "walk" light on the next street. Careful about that new law though.

    2. Tune out literally anything on the subway.

    Urban Chronicler / Via

    Break dancers. Homeless people. Mariachi bands. It's all the norm.

    3. Pay $700 a month to share a room via curtain partition, live in a closet, or sleep on the floor.


    Rent is so expensive. No one understands — except maybe London.

    4. Camp out overnight for SNL tickets.


    Everyone's done it for some kind of exclusive show.

    5. Or wait in two-hour lines for brunch/Trader Joe's/Shake Shack.


    It's New York. Great food is everywhere. Why do we do this?

    6. Craftily weave through the crowds to get on that fully packed 6 train.

    7. Lean over the yellow subway line to see if a train’s coming (as if it'll make it come any faster.)



    8. Scarf down 2 Bros Pizza and then run to a party.


    Or eat while walking. Who has time to sit?

    9. And then go through a million trains just to get to said party in Brooklyn.

    Nina Cosford / Girls Illustrated / Via

    Why not cab? Or not go?

    10. Squeeze into super-crowded (but free!) yoga classes, which sort of defeats the purpose.


    Nothing is more relaxing than worrying you'll kick everyone in the face at Yoga to the People.

    11. Watch TV shows in bars because Time Warner is too expensive/annoying.

    Via Twitter: @Videology

    And also it's fuuun. But mostly — who needs cable?

    12. Pile trash on top of already overflowing trash.

    Adrian Covert / Via

    The problem is that too many of us are trying to not litter at once?

    13. Ride bikes in traffic, during blizzards, with no helmet on.

    14. Walk at super speeds to avoid anyone with a clipboard.


    Step 1: Make sure they're looking at someone else for a split second. Step 2: RUN.

    15. Or just walk really fast even though the people in front of you are taking their time.

    Orion Pictures / Via

    And then swiftly go around them even if you're not in a particular rush to be anywhere. YOU JUST CRAVE THE SPEED.

    16. Commit to costumes on every occasion, and then wear them on the subway.


    Halloween. Santa Con. Comic Con. The No Pants Subway Ride. People take their costumes seriously here, and there's no shame in it.

    17. Wait for hours to watch the ball drop on New Year's.

    18. NOT wait for hours to watch the ball drop on New Year's.

    19. Listen to music while reading a book and standing up on the subway.

    Underground New York Public Library / Via

    Because above all else, New Yorkers are pros at making the most of a moment.

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