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Teachers, What Are Your Best Tips And Tricks For Distance Learning?

How has your classroom changed now that it's online?

Distance learning may be a safer alternative to opening schools up, but it comes with its own challenges.

And with many classes being held either partially or fully virtually, we want to know: What are some things you've done to make remote learning a little easier?

A teacher sits at her desk with her mask on, teaching on her laptop.

Are you working to change benchmarks and expectations to adjust to this difficult time?

Reminder that kids are not "falling behind" academically during these crazy times. Standards, benchmarks, and accountability measures are all arbitrarily created by schools and can just as easily be readjusted as needed.

Twitter: @stumpteacher

Do you have a specific teaching setup that helps you feel more comfortable and focused?

Have you found creative or surprising ways to keep students engaged?

My new favorite thing is asking my class to share a boring fact about themselves (way too much pressure to share an interesting fact). Today I shared I don’t like mayo on sandwiches. One student puts both socks on before putting on shoes. Another eats a pound of turkey each day.

Twitter: @daviddeweil

How do you use class time to reconnect with everyone?

The first and last 10 minutes of online class are sacred. This time has been carved out specifically to TALK and build positive relationships with my scholars. We listen, laugh, and love in this space. #RelationshipsMatter #distancelearning

Twitter: @TeachMrReed

And most importantly: what are you doing to check in with yourself?

Whatever your experience is, we want to hear about it. Share in the comments below — tips, tricks, advice, and feel free to include photos, if you'd like! You could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.