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    23 Tattoos And Piercings You Will Literally Regret Tomorrow

    Noooooooooooo. Photos from Tattoos After Dark.

    1. Getting a tattoo of your anniversary as punishment for forgetting your anniversary.

    2. Or ordering matching anniversary tattoos because a Ouiji board told you to.

    3. This pit freshener.

    4. These squirrels chasing nuts.

    5. "I'm like an intestine I make shit happen"

    6. A family of bats on your eyebrow, especially if your S.O. threatens to break up with you over it.

    7. This cat enthusiast who just went too far.

    8. These corset legs.

    9. This girl's cowboy-version of her boyfriend on her skin. Forever.

    10. These, uh, touching father-daughter tattoos.

    11. This cheetah print face tattoo decision made after a broken engagement.

    12. Or this naked self-portrait inspired by a bad breakup.

    13. These temple gears that probably get caught on many a sweater.

    14. This "third eye" that isn't a third eye, it's a piece of metal.

    15. These very pained-looking mermaid twins.

    16. A scar tattoo that draws more attention to an actual scar.

    17. This. Why.

    18. Do you really NEED a zebra riding a giraffe like a horse? Do you, though?

    19. The expression on this haunting clown girl's face = yours tomorrow.

    20. No.

    21. There is only one true ass here.

    22. Heed this warning! HEED IT.

    23. And the most ironic tattoo of all.