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13 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Women Who Watch Porn

Based on new data from Pornhub.

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3. Reality TV stars Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham are the top two searched for porn stars by other women.


Kim Kardashian still reigns supreme from last year, while Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has completely replaced Love and Hip Hop's Mimi Faust as the second-most sought after.

5. Women are far more likely than men to search for videos of oral sex being performed on women.


The top five terms were "guy licking pussy," "man eating pussy," "pussy eating orgasm," "pussy licking," and "eating pussy."

6. The top three most popular categories among women are "Lesbian," "Gay (Male)," and "Big Dick."


"Lesbian" and "Gay (Male)" remain the top two, and "Big Dick" has become increasingly more popular within the past year.


7. And categories such as "For Women," "Lesbian," and "Solo Male" are far more common among women.

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These pretty much have remained the same since 2014, with "For Women" and "Lesbian" becoming a bit more popular.

10. For worldwide visitors, Brazil and the Philippines had the highest female-to-male porn-viewing ratio.


Each country (respectively) has a 35% to 65% female-to-male ratio, substantially higher than the worldwide average of 24% to 76%.


12. And in the U.S. alone, southern states like Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina have the highest female-to-male viewer ratios.


Tennessee, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, and Alabama are also among the highest in female-to-male porn watchers.

13. For the most part, women spend a little more time on each Pornhub visit than men.

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On average, women spend about 10 minutes and 10 seconds compared to men's 9 minutes and 22 seconds, and generally spend about a minute longer on Pornhub than men.