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    17 Struggles Only People Who Are Terrible Liars Understand

    The Surprise Sues of the world, unite!

    1. Trying to tell a lie means contorting your face into creepy smiles.

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    2. Or worse -- nervous laughter that makes everyone uncomfortable.

    3. Your voice betrays you by going about ten octaves higher.

    4. And maintaining eye contact immediately becomes a grand, unreachable feat.


    5. You got in a lot more trouble as a kid because you couldn't successfully deceive your parents.

    6. And it was hard to be cool in high school when you always blurted out how you really felt.

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    7. Naturally, you're not the best at keeping secrets, even little ones.

    8. Being sneaky is impossible because your intentions are always awkwardly obvious.


    9. And you’re always worried you’ll give up a great surprise.

    10. Even a small fib requires a mini-rehearsal.


    11. IF you do manage to get away with a white lie, you feel just like Meryl Streep.

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    12. ...until you accidentally tell the truth (probably minutes later.)

    13. If you get drunk, you end up redefining the term “truth bomb."


    14. And probably even over-share.

    15. You lament over the fact that you’ll never be ~mysterious~.

    16. As well as the fact that there is literally nothing your friends don’t know about you.

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    17. But that's okay, because it just means your friends trust you more than anyone else.