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    27 Struggles Only Film Students Understand

    The struggle is REEL.

    1. Casting your friends or family because your budget is non-existent:

    2. Or filming in a classroom, basement, or your backyard because you don’t have money:

    3. Helplessly watching your editing software of choice freeze before you could save your 6 hours of work:

    4. Forgetting a shot on your shot list and having to use awkward stock footage:

    Wiseau Films / Via

    5. Playing back a good scene and then realizing there’s a glaring continuity error:

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    6. Having NO IDEA where to get most of your props:

    Distributors Corporation of America / Via

    And you may or may not have procrastinated this whole process and now only have a day to get everything.

    7. Using creative commons music instead of that perfect Radiohead song:

    A Study In Brown / Via

    8. Accidentally breaking your tripod and suddenly making your project a Cloverfield remake:

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    9. Driving a U-haul of valuable equipment for the first time:

    AMC / Via

    If you've done this in NYC, you deserve a medal.

    10. Gravely overestimating how much post production will improve your film:

    New Line Cinema / Via

    11. Trying to zoom in slowly and instead making it look really choppy:

    The CW / Via

    12. Realizing your screenplay needs 60 new drafts before it is even remotely presentable:

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    13. Filming outdoors and being paranoid about sudden car/dog/baby sounds:

    United Artists / Via

    14. Watching the perfect take happen in rehearsal when, OF COURSE, you weren't filming:

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    15. Accidentally saying stuff like “I’m DPing on set” around non-film folk:

    New Line Cinema / Via

    Not as exciting, sorry!

    16. Worrying you won't surpass $1 on your Kickstarter or Indiegogo: / Via

    Don't worry, the constant stress only lasts a month.

    17. Not being able to watch even totally mediocre movies without analyzing the cinematography/character arcs/dialogue:

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    18. Experimenting with actual film for the first time and realizing everything has to pretty much be perfect from the first take:

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    Because rolls of film are expensive, y'all.

    19. Or deciding to try stop motion and learning it takes a billion times longer than you ever imagined:

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    20. Having half your close friends move across the country to pursue their careers.


    NYC or LA. Maaaaybe Austin. But probably LA.

    21. Feeling a pain in your soul every awards season when so many talented people get snubbed:


    Especially everyone involved in indie projects.

    22. Having no clue how you’ll afford to go see all the films you want in theaters:

    ABC / Via

    And LOL @ film festivals.

    23. Not being able to decide on which Oscar viewing party to go to:


    Three of your friends are having one, and not going to theirs is the ultimate betrayal.

    24. Realizing how much you need connections to get anywhere in the business:

    25. Worrying about sounding pretentious because of your major/career choice/taste in film:

    New Line Cinema / Via

    26. Spending all your tax refunds and birthday money on your film budget or new equipment:

    27. Because, despite all the challenges, you really are the happiest when making a movie:

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

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