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    17 Struggles Only People Who Daydream Constantly Understand

    At least you know you have a good imagination.

    1. You’ve missed out on important lecture details many a time.

    2. And when you try to catch up, you just daydream while reading your notes.

    3. You're known to zone out sometimes* during long stories.

    4. And your friends always call you out when you’re not really listening.

    5. Especially since your body tries to go on autopilot and nod when you’re not there at all.

    6. Even with crushes: you’ll literally daydream about your future together while they talk.

    7. You’ve invented more exciting stories in your head while reading books you’re not that into.

    8. And you can never quite make it through a whole movie without drifting somewhere else.

    9. Showers were invented for having an excuse to be with your thoughts uninterrupted.

    10. And you like taking aimless long walks for the sake of your sanity.

    11. You get really impatient when you have to force yourself to pay attention to something super dull.

    12. Driving sometimes stresses you out because you have to focus.

    13. And multi-tasking can be impossibly hard for you.

    14. As a kid, you could always keep yourself entertained.

    15. And even now, you don’t really know what boredom is.

    16. Yeah, sometimes you miss out on the tiny details.

    17. But your mind is its own world, and you like being there just fine.