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17 Sizzling Facts About Attraction

Birth control can be a total game changer.

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1. Going on birth control can change who you're attracted to.

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Normally, women are attracted to men with a scent that unconsciously indicates dissimilar genes (an evolutionary trait that helps prevent inbreeding). But studies have shown that going on the pill has led some women to find men with more similar genes attractive.

2. And starting or stopping birth control while in a relationship can make you lose interest in your partner.


The change in hormones can impact which scents you find attractive.

3. Androstenol, a chemical found in fresh male sweat, is a pheromone that attracts women to men.

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But androstenone, found in overly sweaty male body odor, has the opposite effect.

4. Men apparently feel a decrease in sexual attraction from the scent of tears.

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A study from 2011 showed that men who sniffed tears became less aroused than when they smelled a neutral saline solution.

5. People prefer symmetrical faces in partners because it is unconsciously believed that they have better genetics.


Studies show that both men and women greatly prefer perfect symmetry in a face.

6. And sunglasses add both symmetry and mystery to your face, making you more attractive.

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They look good on everyone!

7. Bearded men are viewed as more responsible and healthy.

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A study showed that both men and women found men with full beards or heavy stubble as more attractive, healthy, active, and likely to be better parents.

8. Hearing emotional lines like “I love you” have a stronger impact when whispered in the left ear versus the right.

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In an MITCogNet study, it was stated, "When emotion stimuli appeared on the left ear, the accuracy of recall was higher, with a mean of 64.43% and 58.15% for the right ear. [The study also showed] that in the face of competing verbal information, emotional words compete more strongly when they are presented through the left ear.”

9. Women's voices tend to get higher pitched around people they like.

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Voice pitch serves as a mating signal and goes up when talking to someone to whom you're sexually attracted.

10. Sometimes "chill-inducing" music can turn you on more than your partner's touch.

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In a study, 40% of participants were aroused by certain background music over touch.

11. Wearing red or similarly warm, bright colors changes how you're perceived sexually.

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Several studies have shown that red boosts attractiveness in both men and women.

12. Your current perception on racy images can predict your sexual activity six months from now.

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A Dartmouth study found that the way a person's brain viewed sexualized pictures would correlate with their sex life months later.

13. Your parents' age when they had you determines which faces you find attractive.

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A study has shown that people born to parents in their thirties preferred older-looking faces, while people born to parents in their twenties preferred younger-looking ones.

14. If you're attracted to someone who looks similar to you, it's because you unconsciously trust them.

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A study at Royal Holloway University showed that “when a person is shown to be more trustworthy, it can lead us to perceive that person as looking more similar to ourselves.”

15. Smiling women are found more attractive, while men who don't smile as much are perceived as hotter than men who smile a lot.

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This was all done in a study where participants rated attractiveness through a series of photos.

16. Men tend to go for faces strongly associated with gender.


(So, more masculine faces for gay men and more feminine faces for straight men.)

17. Staring into a stranger’s eyes can make you form an attachment, despite never even talking to them.

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A study involving 72 undergrad students showed that people felt increased affection toward those with whom they shared prolonged eye contact.

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