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17 Sizzling Facts About Attraction

Birth control can be a total game changer.

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1. Going on birth control can change who you're attracted to.

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Normally, women are attracted to men with a scent that unconsciously indicates dissimilar genes (an evolutionary trait that helps prevent inbreeding). But studies have shown that going on the pill has led some women to find men with more similar genes attractive.


8. Hearing emotional lines like “I love you” have a stronger impact when whispered in the left ear versus the right.

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In an MITCogNet study, it was stated, "When emotion stimuli appeared on the left ear, the accuracy of recall was higher, with a mean of 64.43% and 58.15% for the right ear. [The study also showed] that in the face of competing verbal information, emotional words compete more strongly when they are presented through the left ear.”


13. Your parents' age when they had you determines which faces you find attractive.

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A study has shown that people born to parents in their thirties preferred older-looking faces, while people born to parents in their twenties preferred younger-looking ones.