19 Signs You're The Clown Of Your Friend Group

    If your BFFs are queens, you are the royal jester.

    1. You can’t sit in total silence without at least making a goofy face at someone.

    2. And you’ll only get sillier to compensate for any awkwardness.

    3. People are always recounting all the absurd things you say drunk.

    4. Or sober, because you say a lot of amusingly weird things.

    5. You always make a ridiculous face and ruin every group photo you’re in.

    6. And photobomb the ones you’re not.

    7. You frequently overshare and make people simultaneously blush and giggle nervously.

    8. And you’re usually the one who will do a dare, but only if it’ll yield hilarious results.

    9. You turn heads when you dance.

    10. And when you fall.

    11. You feel mildly intimidated when someone steals the spotlight.

    12. Because two of you is literally TOO MUCH.

    13. You’ve exaggerated how stupid you are for a chuckle.

    14. And no matter how awkward life gets, you feel OK as long as it makes for a funny story.

    15. Though, you secretly get upset when people think you’re a joke all the time.

    16. Or by people who think you’re an idiot just because you identify as a goofball.

    17. But your true pals always admit to living vicariously through you.

    18. And the truth is, life would be so boring if you couldn’t make them smile.

    19. So you look forward to every chance you get.