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17 Signs You're In A Relationship With A Burrito

The love is real.

1. You never back down on spending a little extra cash to make it feel special.

2. You love spending time in bed together.

3. It is the perfect companion for road trips.

4. Your craziest nights involve margaritas.

5. And you both share a love for snuggling.

6. It is full of layers, and the longer you’re together, the more you learn.

7. When life gets messy, it keeps everything together.

8. But it can also get really lovey dovey and mushy, which is why you love it so.

9. You don’t even mind if it gets a lil cheesy!

10. And you two are always finding new ways to spice things up.

11. You do brunch together like it’s your calling in life.

12. You get a little jealous of its previous flings.

13. Your best getaways involve the West Coast.

14. But honestly, you could hang out anywhere and still be happy, so long as you’re together.

15. You will defend your burrito at all times.

16. Sometimes it can be a little too much, but you always come back for more.

17. Because a burrito contains everything you love, and what more could you ask for?